Ollie Wride aka Ollie Le Bon Bon

…”If something’s worth doing, It’s worth over doing”... The reason why he fell in love with the musically decadent, eccentric era!

At 19, Ollie maybe the youngest member of the band, but has already had extensive
experience on the stage both in the theatre and in Pop bands. Strutting with a distinct
flamboyant stage persona. Influenced by the Rock Legends of the 70’s/80’s and
delivered with a fresh contemporary flare that many audiences have enjoyed, Ollie loves and knows how to entertain an audience, whether it be the person on the front row or at the very back, the number one rule is to get everyone involved!

Also as a songwriter, he has already developed prolific contacts within the industry,
sharing co writes with artists Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) and up and coming
rock group The Stiff Dylans (Columbia Records). His own originals band has recently signed management and record deals with Sony BMG, so catch him while you can! !